Welch 2034 0.9 cfm DryFast 2-Head Diaphragm Chemical Duty Pump

Welch 2034 0.9 cfm DryFast 2-Head Diaphragm Chemical Duty Pump
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Welch 2034 DryFast 0.9 cfm PTFE Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps are great for 2L and 5L rotary evaporators, these pumps enable precise vacuum control for organic evaporations with exclusive Advanced Vapor Management (AVM). Oil-Free, portable, chemical resistant, 2 head diaphragm design simplifies maintenance. Economical DryFastTM vacuum pumps are perfect for tough lab applications.

Ai is the official dealer of Welch vacuum pumps. These pumps are made in USA with one year warranty from Welch.

Free three feet 3/8" white premium food grade silicone vacuum tubing ($19.99 value) included.



  • Advanced Vapor Management (AVM) for precise setting of vacuum level
  • Vacuum to 9 torr
  • Strips DMF fast
  • Chemically resistant
  • No oil changes, no cold trap required for water/alcohol solutions
  • Virtually maintenance-free solution for laboratory environment
  • Smaller footprint than oil pump saves lab space
  • Designed to work with rotary evaporators


 Electrical requirements
 110 or 220 Volts 60Hz single phase, 0.2 HP, 150 Watts
 Application  Rotary Evaporation/Distillation (medium volatility solvents <110oC B.P., volume ~ 1 liter),
 Vacuum ovens - small, pumping harsh vapors & gases
 Pumping rate
 0.9 cfm
 Ult. vacuum pressure
 9 torr
 Maximum vacuum  29.6 in. Hg
 Intake (vacuum connection)
 M14 (1/8)
 Exhaust  1/4" hose barb
 Adjustable vac./gas ballast  Yes
 Pump dimensions (LxWxH)
 13.8 x 6.8 x 8.8"
 Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
 21 x 14 x 15"
 Pump weight
 21.25 Lb
 Shipping weight
 25 Lb
 Certification  UL, CSA
 Owner's manual  Click here to download



Standard package

 Part description


Part image

 Welch 2034 0.9 cfm full chemical-resistant oil-free diaphragm pump
1 pc


 White premium food grade silicone vacuum hose
3 ft

 User's manual
1 pc


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