Graphite Crucible for Metal & Casting Up To 88Lb Capacity

Graphite Crucible for Metal & Casting Up To 88Lb Capacity
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High purity (99%) heat resistant graphite crucible with flat bottom. Maximum casting capacity: 88 Lb, good for use with induction heating, recommended for precious metals casting. Compatible with 35kW low-frequency induction heaters for melting manufactured by Across International.

Graphite, often called black lead, can tolerate thermal shock and withstands constant working temperature up to 1500°C or 3600°C (vacuum condition). They are the best electrical conductive material known to man, 4 times of steel, 5 times of copper and 100 times of non-metallic materials. They also have higher thermal conductivity than steel, iron and lead, plus resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvent.


 Graphite purity
 7.5 inches
 6.25 inches
 9.75 inches
 Depth  8.5 inches
 Wall thickness
 0.625 inch
 Weight  10.5 Lb
 Capacity  1.13 gallons (4.27 liters)
 Capatible induction heater  Across International 35kW low frequency
 induction heater for melting (Item#: IHL35K)


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