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Activated Bleaching Clay T-41 is used as a scrub or bleaching clay as it is an acid activated bentonite clay. It contains carbon and has a low pH. It is used during oil purification, distillation prep, pesticide removal, and visual product improvement.

Activated Bentonite Clay T-5 is activated bentonite clay with a neutral pH. It is cost effective and highly active. T-5 is used for winterization, oil purification, distillation, pesticide removal, and product improvement. It is designed for fast filtering and lower clogging than normally expected. Our hardwood activated carbon and T-5 clay work well for scrubbing then filtering out. Keep in mind: 10% carbon to clay. 10% clay to oil mixture ratio. Warm the oil (90C), add adsorbents, mix 30 min, then cool down (40C) and then add a solvent and filter. (commonly used for color removal when used during hydrocarbon extraction).

MagSil PR (Pesticide Residue) is activated magnesium silicate used as a packing agent for pesticide removal during the oil purification process. It can also be used as a stationary phase in chromatography for separating out the components of plant extract. Activates for PR at 675C.

Degumming Enzyme is phospholipase and can be used for high activity in breaking down phospholipids (gum), triglycerides and sugar lipids. 2g enzyme per 1kg of oil, 7.5 water pH, 40C.

DGC (Degumming Clay) is used in the beginning of a hot scrub, resulting in needing less adsorbents in the follow up process, because the oil will have less gums making adsorbents more effective. DGC has a low pH of 2.5, but used in very small quantities so as to avoid excessive acidity.

Activated Hardwood Carbon is powdered charcoal, which has a neutral pH and is used as a filter aid and scrubbing adsorbents during oil purification, distillation, pesticide/color removal, odor reduction, and product improvement.

Silica Gel (Silica 60A) is commonly used in column chromatography as the stationary phase. It is mixed together with the solvent in the column making a slurry, then letting the solvent drain leaving the Silica sitting evenly in the column. Silica Gel helps space out or separate the fractions of componds being passed through the stationary phase. It can also be used as a filter media for improved product quality and potency.

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