Ai CleanVac 5.1 cfm Compact Oil Free Dry Scroll Pump w/ Fittings

Ai CleanVac 5.1 cfm Compact Oil Free Dry Scroll Pump w/ Fittings
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IMPORTANT! DO NOT use the CleanVac pump to pump organic solvents (including butane), alcohol vapor, pyrophoric or explosive gas mixtures. Across International is not responsible for damage caused by misuse. Pumps should always be ran in a well ventilated area.

The new Ai CleanVac 5.1 cfm is a compact, lightweight, oil free dry scroll vacuum pump that will take your equipment's vacuum down to micron level in minutes. These scroll pumps are completely oil free with low ultimate pressures, low power consumption low vibration and low noise. CleanVac offers a clean vacuum environment and eliminate the nuisance of cumbersome lubricant maintenance or sealing water administration, they are also free from installation restrictions because of its air-cooled system.

Standard adjustable gas ballast is designed to allow purposefully pull a less deep and slower vacuum by opening the gas ballast, allowing dry air to go directly into the pump and diluting the vacuum pull, and it also helps keep moisture, solvent, and other contaminants from getting stuck in the pump, and instead passing through to the exhaust.

CleanVac series scroll pumps also feature the latest in tip seal technology giving significantly longer life between tip seal changes. These pumps are designed for reliable long time continuous operation. Comes standard with all necessary fittings and an exhaust filter/silencer.

Free exhaust filter/silencer with fitting ($199 value), KF25 flexible stainless steel bellow (3.3 ft), clamps and centering rings set ($219 value) included.


  • Completely lubricant free and oil free means clean vacuum to prevent cross contamination.
  • No tedious oil change or daily maintenance. No oil leak, oil back-flow or oil mist issues.
  • Adjustable gas ballast.
  • Exhaust filter/silencer with easy-to-change replaceable filter element.
  • Heavy duty structure and designed for reliable long time operation.
  • Low ultimate vacuum, low noise, low vibration and low power consumption.
  • All necessary fittings and filter included for immediate use.
  • One year standard manufacturer warranty.


  • Gas recovery devices
  • Sputtering, vacuum deposition and ion plating equipment
  • Accelerator, synchrotron radiation
  • Leak detectors
  • Vacuum furnaces, heat treatment furnaces
  • Vacuum packaging machines


 Electrical requirements
 110v 60Hz single phase 250 watts  2.3 amps
 Pumping rate
 5.1 cfm
 Ultimate vacuum without gas ballast
 60 micron/millitorr
 Cooling  Air cooled
 Handle  Stainless steel
 Inlet/outlet connection
 KF25/NW25 flange
 Motor rate  1680 rpm
 Working temperature  41°F to 104°F
 Unit dimensions (LxWxH)
 17 x 10 x 11"
 Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)  22 x 16 x 17"
 Unit weight
 40 Lb
 Shipping weight  60 Lb
 Noise level  < 57 dB(A)
 CE compliance
 Warranty  One year
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Standard package

 Part description


Part image

 Ai CleanVac 5.1 cfm scroll pump
1 pc
 Exhaust filter/silencer 1 set
 Inlet filter with one extra filter element 1 set
 KF25 flexible stainless steel vacuum bellow (3 ft)
1 pc

 KF25 wing nut flange quick clamp
 2 pcs

 KF25 flange centering ring
 2 pcs

 User's manual 1 pc

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