Harvest Right Scientific Large Freeze Dryer w/ 7 cfm JB Pump

Harvest Right Scientific Large Freeze Dryer w/ 7 cfm JB Pump
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Harvest Right’s lyophilizer/freeze dryer is remarkable. For the first time ever, a high quality laboratory (scientific) unit is available in a high capacity table top model at an affordable price. The perfect addition to any business or laboratory. Customize the freeze dry process to fit your specific needs. Control the temperature and pressure of the product you are freeze drying. Easily freeze dry 2,500 pounds of fresh product per year. For use in commercial and scientific applications.

This patented technology has the capability of freeze drying 3.5 to 4.0 gallons (12 to 16 pounds or 3.5 to 4.0 #10 cans) per batch. In a year’s time, you can easily freeze dry 670 gallons of food. All of which will keep nearly 100% of its nutrition.


  • Operation allows for recipe customization (up to 10 Thermal Treatment and 12 Drying steps)
  • Heater temperature is user adjustable. Freeze dry cycles occur at user defined vacuum pressure
  • Full-color 4.3" diagonal touch-screen display
  • 6.5 liters of sublimated ice holding capacity
  • Easy to use. Just press start and the freeze dryer will beep when finished
  • Commercial grade vacuum pump
  • Power saving 220 Volt
  • Preserve food for up to 25 years with your own freeze dryer
  • Perfect for freeze-drying plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, meals, desserts, and more
  • Designed and made in USA

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Overview

How to Setup Your Freeze Dryer

60 Educational Videos from Harvest Right




 Model  Scientific Large
 Electrical requirements
 220V 60Hz 1-Phase 20A
 Fresh food capacity
 12-16 lbs. per batch
 Average yield
 3.5 gallons (3.5 #10 cans) of food per batch
 Size: 9 x 20.5 x 0.75" (WxLxH)
 Included with purchase: five
 Total area: 184.5 x 5 = 922.5 inch2 (6.4 sq ft)                   
 Temperature range


 Vacuum level

 3 micron

 Unit dimensions 
 22.5 x 25.5 x 32.5" (WxDxH)
 Unit weight  177 lbs.
 Shipping weight and dimensions (with pump)  260 lbs. / 30 x 38 x 48"
 Download  User's Manual     Starter Guide
 Warranty  One year limited warranty
 Certification  CSA




Standard package

 Part description


Part image

 Harvest Right Scientific large freeze dryer - stainless steel
1 pc

 Stainless steel tray 5 pcs
 JB Platinum DV-200N 7 cfm dual-stage vacuum pump
1 pc
 Flexible vacuum tubing with 3/4" NPT compression fittings
1 pc
 Insulator door pad 1 pc  
 220V NEMA 6-20 power cord 1 pc
 User's manual 1 pc

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